Czech Republic

Name: Webarchiv

Maintained by: Národní Knihovna Ceské Republiky (Czech National Library)


E-mail: webarchiv[@]

Launch: 2000 (first harvest: 3 September 2001)

Legal background: No permission is required for archiving, but a contract is concluded with the content holder for the public service.

Collection scope: Everything published in the territory of the Czech Republic; is in Czech language or created by a Czech author; or related to the Czech people or the country.

Types: National domain, thematic and event-based collections.

Size: 560 TB (as of 10 January 2024)

Access: Domain-level and selective harvests are available only within the library. Copies of sites with which the library has a contract with the owner can also be viewed in the public interface. Number of contracts: 4535 (10 January 2024).

Search: You can search by name, URL and keywords. The hit list shows a short description and the name of the publisher in addition to the keywords, and it is also possible to switch to a thumbnail view. You can browse by subject, subcollections and by name in the public collection. Bibliographic data can also appear in the library’s catalog.

Hungary related content: The .hu domain is not searchable, and there are only 5 results for the subject words starting with Maďar. (Data as of January 2024)



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