Searching in the sub-collections

Use this form to search the names and/or the URLs of sites in the thematic and genre sub-collections of the closed archive. If both fields are filled in, only results that meet both criteria will be displayed. As several name and address variations can occur, in case of URL addresses the “http://” or “https://” prefixes must not be inserted as well as the “www.” prefix of subdomain-names, and the “index.html” or “index.php” etc. postfixes. The “.hu“ county domain is also unnecessary. (For example, instead of “” you can search only to “mek.oszk”). And if you are looking for a name, you need to enter a few adjacent words from the title of the website (for example “elektronikus könyvtár”). This search engine automatically detects the roots of the Hungarian words, in this way the inflected forms can also be found (for example “Magyar Elektronikus Könyvtárért Egyesület”).

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In the hit list, the line with bold characters refers to the name of the website. Below that the central and eventual alternative URL addresses can be found (if more of them exists only the first one is appearing). In the next line, the code in the squared bracket is the short, abbreviated name of the sub-collection (the unlocking of the short codes can be found here). The date in the bracket is the last harvest date of the sub-collection. This does not necessarily mean that the site itself was last archived at the time, because if it was added to our registry after that date, it has not yet been archived (although it may have been included in national-level harvests). In addition to sites that are currently being harvested, results may include items that have not been harvested or are no longer harvested. The former are only recorded, but not saved for some reason (e.g. they are extremely large or cannot be crawled by a robot, or archived as part of another sub-collection). And the latter usually receive terminated status because the site in question has already disappeared from the Internet. It is also possible that the same site will appear in the hit list more than once because, due to its interdisciplinary nature, we registered it in several sub-collections. As this archive is not public for legal reasons, you can only view the original, “live” website (if it still exists), a gallery of small screenshots in chronological order (not available for all items), and the public backups in the American Wayback Machine (if the Internet Archive is also harvesting that specific website).

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