Name: Spletni arhiv

Maintained by: Narodna in univerzitetna knjižnica (National and University Library)


E-mail: janko.klasinc[@]

Launch: 2007 (first selective harvest: 2008, first national domain harvest: 2014)

Legal background: Archiving and public service do not require permission, but access may be restricted to local use at the request of content owners.

Collection scope: Works published on the territory of the Republic of Slovenia, as well as content that is primarily intended to be used from the Republic of Slovenia.

Types: National domain, selective harvests (12 topics), event-based collections.

Size: ?

Access: The public interface has been operating since 2011, and most of the content of the selective or event-based collections can be viewed publicly. Currently, only librarians can access the material of the national domain-level harvests.

Search: Search is possible by URL or in the full text, you can also browse by topic and alphabetically. The hit list can be narrowed down by language and archiving date. There is textual context and clickable keywords are automatically highlighted for each hit, which can be used to trigger further searches. In addition to links to the archived and live pages, there is also a search link that lists other websites on similar topics.

Hungary related content: Language or country domain cannot be searched per se. For the word magyar, the search engine returns more than 2 million hits in Slovenian and 340 thousand in Hungarian, and for madžarski 400 thousand, but these figures include repeated crawls (data as of January 2024).

Note: The link named Zgodovina, which shows the harvest dates for each site in the results list, is not working (18 January 2024).


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