Name: Digitálne pramene (WWW DIP)

Maintained by: Univerzitná knižnica v Bratislave (University Library of Bratislava)


E-mail: ddp[@]

Launch: 2015 (first national domain harvest: October 2016)

Legal background: Archiving does not require a licence, public service is subject to a contract with the content owner.

Collection scope: Anything published on the territory of the Slovak Republic; in Slovak language or created by a Slovak creator; about Slovakia or Slovak people.

Types: National domain, thematic collections, event-based archives. (Web archiving and collection of individual born-digital documents – e.g. e-books and e-periodicals – are carried out in the framework of a joint project.)

Size: 107,5 TB (end of 2022, without compression)

Access: The files of the domain crawls and selective harvests are available within the library, but there is also a completely closed part of the archive. Backups of sites with which the library has a contract with the owner or which are under a Creative Commons license can be viewed in the public interface.

Search: Search is possible by name, URL, keyword, topic and other metadata (including MARC field codes, or with logical operators using the SOLR option). The results can be filtered by time period, subject, access and subcollection. Individual MARC records can be downloaded in TXT or XML format. The metadata can also be queried via the OAI-PMH protocol.

Hungary related content: There are only 3 hits when searching for URLs containing .hu, but among the metadata of websites under the .sk domain the word magyar* appears 430 times (of which 3 are public), Hungar* 312 times (6 public), and Maďars* 1132 times (17 public). (Data as of January 2024)

Note: On the public interface, the OpenWayback viewer gives a “504 Gateway Time-out” error message. (January 15, 2024)


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