Searching in the national web space seed list

Use this form to search the title and/or the URLs of sites in the national web space collection of the closed archive. If both fields are filled in, only results that meet both criteria will be displayed. As several title and address variations can occur, in case of URL addresses the “http://” or “https://” prefixes must not be inserted as well as the “www.” prefix of subdomain-names, and the “index.html” or “index.php” etc. postfixes. The “.hu“ county domain is also unnecessary. (For example, instead of “” you can search only to “mek.oszk”). And if you are looking for a name, you need to enter a few adjacent words from the original title of the website (for example “elektronikus könyvtár”). This search engine automatically detects the roots of the Hungarian words, in this way the inflected forms can also be found (for example “Magyar Elektronikus Könyvtárért Egyesület”). Because the data was collected mostly by automated methods, this database is very “messy”, with a lot of URLs that are no longer working or duplicate, and there are many incomplete or meaningless names in it.

In the list of results, the bold line is the original title data of the site, followed by the URL. As this archive is not public for legal reasons, you can only view the original, “live” website (if it still exists), an additional gallery of small page images in chronological order (not available for all items), and the Wayback Machine service public backups (if the Internet Archive also harvests that site).


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