Name: Hrvatski Arhiv Weba (HAW)

Maintained by: Nacionalna i sveučilišna knjižnica u Zagrebu (National and University Library, Zagreb)


E-mail: haw[@]

Launch: 2004 (first national domain harvest: July-August 2011)

Legal background: Archiving and public service do not require permission, but at the request of content owners, access can be limited to local use and one user at a time.

Collection scope: Servers under the .hr domain; documents published by Croatian authors or publishers; content about Croatia or Croatians, regardless of the place of publication and the nationality of the authors.

Types: National domain, thematic and local history collections, event-based collections.

Size: approx. 120 TB (at the end of 2022)

Access: With few exceptions, the entire archive is publicly accessible. Non-public copies can be viewed within the library.

Search: The selective archive can be searched by URL, name and keywords, in the case of the latter logical operations can also be used. The detailed search form offers options to narrow the search by date and file type, and you can also limit the search to a specific website. Click on an item in the hit list to see detailed metadata, thumbnails and stable URNs assigned to each copy. Material from domain-level harvests can only be retrieved by entering the URL. It is possible to browse by topic and to list newly added sites and sites that have disappeared from the live web. Metadata can also be retrieved via OAI-PMH protocol and included in the library catalogue and Europeana.

Hungary related content: The selective collections contain only one site ending with .hu, but the .hu/ character string occurs in millions of URLs in the domain-scale harvests. In the archive of the selected websites, there are more than 176 thousand results for the word magyar*, 126 thousand for Madžar*, and more than 3 million for mađarsk*. (Data as of January 2024)



Publications, presentations: