Name: Webarchiv Österreich

Maintained by: Österreichische Nationalbibliothek (Austrian National Library)


E-mail: webarchiv[@]

Launch: 2008 (first national domain harvest: autumn 2009)

Legal background: No permission is required for archiving, but there is no public service from the harvested content.

Collection scope: Servers under .at and .wien domains and other Austria-related websites.

Types: National domain, selective harvests (media, politics, gender), event-based collections.

Size: 243,1 TB (as of January 2024)

Access: The website only shows the dates of the harvests, the archived web pages themselves can be viewed in the national library and in about 20 other libraries. (Links to archived copies collected on the public interface can be bookmarked and opened from the library workstations after entering the received identification code.)

Search: by URL or in the full text. (Not all saved texts are indexed!) In the full-text search, logical operators and quotation marks for expressions can be used. In addition to the URL and the date of archiving, links to the calendar indicating the dates of other harvests, to the Internet Archive backups, and to the live page are displayed in the hit list; there is no other metadata or textual context. The list can be grouped according to domains, but in this case only the best 50 items can be paged through.

Hungary related content: There are only 9 URLs containing .hu, but when searching for the words magyar or ungarisch, the size of the result sets exceeds the maximum of 10 thousand. (Data as of January 2024)



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