Ferenc Széchényi archive

The National Széchényi Library celebrated the 220th anniversary of its foundation in November 2022. On 25 November 1802, István Széchenyi’s father, Count Ferenc Széchényi, born in 1754, who, in addition to his involvement in public life, was one of the greatest philanthropist of his time, submitted a document to the court chancellery on 25 November 1802, in which he donated his private collection of printed and manuscript documents, maps, engravings and coins to his country, thus laying the foundations for a national library and museum.

On this website, we have collected images, texts and websites related to the founding of the national library, the life of Ferenc Széchényi, his immediate family, his correspondence with his contemporaries and his still living memory. The documents are from the collections of the NSZL Web Archive, the Hungarian Electronic Library, the Electronic Periodicals Archive, and to the greatest extent the Digital Archive of Pictures.

Browse and search functions are available for metadata of each collection. In the hit lists different color codes shows the origin of items by collections. Padlock icons shows the availability status of a document. Red or yellow padlocks appears on those archived webpages where the website owner has not granted at all or not granted yet authorization for public access. However, for these kind of not publicly available documents the metadata, a small screenshot image and links to relevant items on the Internet Archive are being offered.

The service is available on the following address: http://szechenyi.webarchivum.oszk.hu/